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Created for the Business Card Jam 2019.

Tall Tales is a social game where the goal of the game is to tell the best story, whether its a truth or a lie.  

JUDGES pick the question to be asked and are the moderator to keep the peace and decide any tie breakers.

STORYTELLERS are the poets, the bards. They present their answers/stories to the group in the most interesting, flamboyant, fantastical way while also sticking to the theme (truth or lie). 

It's a tough crowd, though. Once the STORYTELLERS are done, everyone in the group must discuss and vote on who had the WORST story. Voting is done shooter style with finger guns. Whoever has the most finger guns pointed at them is the WORST. The JUDGE then rips their card in half, removing the half based on the question they asked.

For the next round, person who was WORST is now the JUDGE and reads the one question they have.

The WINNER is the last person with an unripped card.


Extended How-To-Play included in the .zip


Art and Design

Game design
Ben McDowell and SnowSchu

Additional notes:

This was really fun to try to make and is still in a very much prototype stage. We really wanted to create something in the vain of popular social card games like CAH and Superfight but also kept it down to one card for the most part.

There are 12 unique sample questions and one card being blank for a fill-in-your-own. You are welcome to come up with your own questions!

The files are set up to use for home printers (US) and should be printed on both sides of the paper. Further instructions are in the README.txt


Thanks again for checking it out and leave feedback in the comments! <3


TallTales - Business Card Jam 2019.zip 3 MB

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